Package Inventory Application


This project was designed as an improvement for an outdated inventory management system at a package receiving office for a residential building. Residents must sign an entry log before he or she can receive their package(s), so it is important that all data is organized and easy to view. It is meant to be used on a tablet at a kiosk or counter, where a user would come to pick up a package, rather than a personal mobile device.


Research and Sketching

Before I started conceptualizing the design of the application, I conducted research on similar applications on the market, as well as potential users. I handed out voluntary surveys to residents that inquired about their satisfaction with the current outdated system, and what improvements would be beneficial. I also conducted interviews with multiple employees, some who used the outdated system, and others who worked elsewhere with a digital application. 

After compiling and analyzing the research, I developed flow charts, user stories, and other useful ideation tools that helped direct how I wanted to organize the layout of the design.



Prototype and User Testing

Using all of the information gathered from user research, I sketched a semi-responsive paper prototype with fundamental functionality so that I can conduct user testing to understand how a user might interact with the system I designed. Due to the lack of aesthetic or thematic design, this process helped understand what key features a user was interested in, and how well the flow of the task progressed.



After user testing with the paper prototype, I recreated the design in Axure. I added thematic graphics as well as more functionality and improved usability based on the feedback I received. I conducted two more rounds of user testing, editing the design as I received feedback. 


Date of Project: May 2016

My Role: I conducted this project as an Independent Study program at DePaul University, therefore I am responsible for all design and research done. The design of this project was completed in multiple phases throughout the course of 20 weeks.

Technologies and skills used:

  • Conducted user research, such as field observation, short surveys, and interviews.
  • Developed ideation techniques, such as creating flow charts, site maps, swim lanes, user stories, user personas, and paper prototypes.
  • Used Axure for creating the site maps and flow charts, as well as a digital prototype.
  • Used Adobe Photoshop to create and edit graphics and layout of the design.
  • Used Google Docs to create documentation for all of my data collected and designs made.

Solution: The purpose was to reduce time and resources used to maintain the system, by automating many functions and converting the database and interface into a digital platform. This project also served as an opportunity to practice the complete method of user research, prototype designing and brainstorming, and user testing while familiarizing myself with Axure's capabilities.


Please note: this project is still ongoing, and I plan to continue to improve the design, as well as develop a functioning web application in the pursuit of educating myself on the process of making a working system.  


Axure Prototype

Full Overview of project