About ME

My name is Alec Rudek, and I am an artist, a builder, an innovator and a creator from Chicago, Illinois. I combine passion for visual art with knowledge of interactive media and design to explore opportunities for creating educational as well as helpful tools, with the intent to enhance user experience while stimulating wonder. As I constantly learn about the ever-expanding world of interactive technology, my aspiration for innovation grows.


My interests and experiences lies heavily with front-end design and conceptualization as well as user experience research and development. When I am not brainstorming about the next project, I am building my skills as a painter. Experimenting with both acrylic and digital painting, I aspire to open a gallery to display my work. I have experience in programming in C/C++, HTML and Javascript, and I am constantly seeking to expand upon my skills. My motivation to learn keeps me busy!



"Just how every human being is installed with a natural instinct for rhythm, we all have a natural instinct for the visual arts."

For most of my life I have been interested in creating art. What started as a frequent hobby doodling my favorite Pokemon and video game characters eventually turned into an outstanding passion, where I create paintings of self expression and inner visions. In 2010, I enrolled in Gallery 37, a school that taught the discipline of fine art. There, I learned how to create art with different media, and I completed my first acrylic painting. Through the hard effort guided by this class, I developed a connection with painting as a medium and practiced as much as I could. In 2013, I attended my first music and arts festival. I was exposed to the endless styles of art that surrounded me with values of sharing, self expression and positive intention. This experience served as an immense inspiration to me, and has shaped the style of art I create today. Painting is my preferred form of communication and expression. When I paint, I rarely have an exact plan in mind, and I usually let the flow of the painting and my mood dictate the outcome. I often use the interpretation of audience members as inspiration for the piece, in order to foster a collaborative effort between a painter and the community. I find it easier to visually represent my ideas and thoughts over verbal demonstration. It is my mission to share my art as much as possible with anyone and everyone, for we are in the age of sharing, and I believe art should be shared as much as possible. 

Today I continue to paint, focusing on abstract landscapes/environments and organic forms. I utilize color, contrast and figure to create a statement with my work, often implicitly. In addition to traditional painting, I spend time creating digital paintings using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As a recent graduate of DePaul with a bachelor's degree in Interactive and Social Media, I have interests in using my knowledge in the field to create interactive art for a unique and wonderful experience.