Kinetic CAnvas


Kinetic Canvas is an interactive art installation that uses projection mapping, a sensor or MIDI receiver, and a live artist. The live painter's piece, is projected onto a space of any shape, and a user may interact with a motion sensor or series of buttons to alter the projected image as it is being altered in real time. We have experimented with controllers from the Leap Motion Controller to a Guitar Hero Game Controller acting as a MIDI board as interactive tools for the user. Through experimentation we have discovered that different controllers invoke different styles of use. For instance, the Leap Motion Controller encourages a more abstract experimentation from the user, while the Guitar Hero Controller encourages the user to push buttons and change effects to the rhythm of music. This installation has been featured at multiple events:

  • RE: Vision Chicago 2015
  • Paradise Music and Arts Festival 2015
  • Resonance Music and Arts Festival 2015

Date of Project: March 2015 - September 2015

My role:  The main role I played in this installation was as a live painter. In addition to this, I also learned how to set up, configure and troubleshoot the technical side of the installation. I also took part in conceptualizing and prototyping the installation.

Programs and skills used:

  • Worked with a team of four people to construct a working interactive installation. 
  • Used Resolume to project the image and added MIDI buttons for altering effects.
  • Used Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet for digital painting.
  • Created multiple proposal documents for the opportunities to install this at local events and Midwest festivals.

Solution: Create an interactive art installation that bridges the gap between the audience and the artist, and invokes a temporary collaboration between both parties. This gives the user the opportunity to be a Virtual Jockey (or a VJ) when at a concert, as well as a deeper appreciation of the live painter's presence. The modular style of this installation widens the range of possible uses, whether it be a form of entertainment or an educational tool.