Design A Dress

Design a Dress is an interactive installation that is a part of the Making Mainbocher exhibit at the Chicago History Museum, from October 2016- August 2017. This project features a touch screen interface that lets a user select patterns and  dress styles which are projected onto a mannequin. 


Date of Project: October 2016

My role:  In addition to helping design the prototype interface, I was responsible for prepping, organizing, placing and perfecting the visual elements of each screen during the coding process, as well as adding functionality to buttons and sliders.

Programs and skills used:

  • Worked with a team of three people to deliver a working interactive installation that meets the requirements of the client and meet specific deadlines. 
  • Used Processing 3 and open-source libraries to code the functionality of the interface screen.
  • Used Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop to create and edit the graphics.

Solution: Create an interactive experience relevant to the exhibit's theme of dress design that maintains the visitors' immersion. This project familiarized me with creating a program in Processing, as well as the process of merging an interactive digital design with a physical installation. 



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