Bee smart Mobile Application


The concept for this application was inspired by the challenge of taking standardized tests in any level of education. My teammate and I aimed to create and aide to help users study for upcoming tests, specifically standardized tests like the GRE, ACT, SAT, and GMAT. Users are able to view their study habits and schedules so they may prepare for the multitude of subjects each test usually covers. The design focuses on motivating its user through social and individual goals.


Research and Sketching

The project started with my teammate and I conducting user research through interviews of students in college and high school who had upcoming standardized test dates. We gathered information about how they study, and what features may or may not be useful to them. Through our research findings, we developed wireframe sketches of our concept, shown below.



These fundamental sketches were helpful for collaborating and sharing ideas. Once we agreed upon the design of our wireframes, we translated it into a medium-fi digital prototype. This prototype displayed the key features of app's functionality.

Date of Project: June 2014

My role:  This project was created for a class centered around interactive learning at DePaul University. I was responsible for drawing the paper wireframes, creating the layout and button graphics in the digital prototype, and writing much of the documentation of the project.

Technologies and skills used: 

  • Used Axure for prototype building
  • Used Adobe Photoshop to create graphics and layouts
  • Created wireframe sketches
  • Used Google Docs Live to collaborate on compiling documentation of the project

Solution: Bee Smart aims to motivate users to commit time to studying for important tests, by setting up schedules and providing a social support system between friends. The experience I gained from completing this project familiarized me with creating prototypes in Axure, and collaborating design ideas with a teammate.


Axure Prototype

Full Overview of project




Julia Vo